StarCrafts-Style Zergling Plushie: Make your own!

So, I promised I would do what I could to get these critters out there, and here it is. After some playing in Illustrator and a test run, I can now bring to you my StarCrafts-Style Zergling Pattern. Below I have included the pattern pieces and a guide to putting them all together. Apologies if any of it is confusing, please feel free to contact me if you get stuck and I will try to explain it better or make some photos to show the process in more detail.

I used purple felt for the ling, with thread of the same colour, and painted on the eye/mouth detail with acrylic paint. The pattern itself is quite small but can probably be scaled up (or down) quite well depending on how big you want your zerglings to be. If you’ve never sewn anything before then you may wish to scale it up a bit so that it is less fiddly. Also, when it comes to the teeth – they are supposed to overlap the body of the ling. This is to make them stand out more.

Also, you will notice that there are dashed lines and solid lines on the pattern. The solid lines are the ones you will do your stitching over. The dashed lines show the amount of extra fabric you should leave around the edge.

All I ask in return for using the pattern is that you send pictures of your final lings! Enjoy 🙂

Zergling pattern

Zergling Instructions

Lings, lings everywhere!

So, I was recently issued a challenge. One of my friends stumbled across this on the Starcraft Reddit and decided that I needed to make some. Since I have been enjoying my creative projects over the past year, and since the SC2 ponies went rather well, I had to give it a try.

Now I’ve never made my own sewing pattern before so this was a bit of a challenge, but the pattern I used for the ponies was a huge help. I decided I preferred the hidden stitching (as seen in the right-most ling from Amdrillon) and I wanted to make the mouth/teeth stand out more. So I did a sketch of a ling from the videos, made myself a rough pattern with it and dug out the felt I had left over from the ponylisk. The first attempt went quite wrong. As felt is quite thick and the lings are quite small, my original pattern didn’t allow enough extra fabric for the legs. So when I turned it inside out they barely made little stumps… and an amputated ling really wasn’t what I was going for. So my second attempt was based more closely on the pony pattern, which made it more fiddly since I’d scaled down the pieces so much, but ultimately much better.


Say hello to Zergling #1 (if you watch StarCrafts Episode 15 around 33sec in, you can see the exact shot this one was based on). I was pretty proud of this little guy, but decided that the head was a little too tall and the mouth was a little too low. So I trimmed the relevant pieces and made this Zergling #2…


The top of his mouth was much higher, which allowed me to give him the happy face. I painted on all the detail with black acrylic paint – it takes well to the felt and doesn’t wash out. I think I will alter the pattern slightly again as the head is still not quite the right shape, but aside from that, I think I’ve got it!

I had quite a few requests to make/sell the ponies, and it seems there’s already been some interest in these little guys. But since they’re handstitched they do take at least 2 hours to make, usually 3 since I get distracted easily! So if I charged my time at minimum wage and added in the cost of materials, you’re looking at around £15 – which seems a lot for what you get. So maybe I’ll just make a copy of the pattern in illustrator so that folk can make their own, though I’d have to do some serious fine tuning first so don’t hold your breath! If I get enough interest I will do what I can to get these little guys out there though 🙂